Ontario warns drivers to stay home during solar eclipse then quickly pulls message

The provincial government has removed signs along Ontario’s 400-series highways that urged motorists to work from home, just days ahead of the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse that’s set to bring a near-total blackout of the sun across North America on April 8. 

According to a report by Global News, the Ford government has officially removed the digital messaging on provincially-run highways that previously read, “Skip traffic: telework.” 

Although Toronto will lie just outside of the eclipse’s path of totality, other regions in the province, including Niagara Falls, are expected to see the sun entirely blocked by the moon during the celestial event. 

As a result, officials in the Niagara region have declared a state of emergency “out of an abundance of caution” as droves of visitors are expected to head there to view the solar eclipse. 

With the solar eclipse taking place between 2:04 p.m. and 4:31 p.m., municipalities across the province are also expected to see heavy traffic, as residents travel to and from popular viewing spots. 

Despite this, the Ford government continues to stress that the historic phenomenon should not interfere with daily operations in the province. 

“The signs posted were not approved and were put up independently by officials,” a spokesperson for the Ministry of Transportation told Global News.

“The signs have since been taken down, and it is our expectation that all provincial staff and employees operate as usual on April 8.”

If you’re planning on viewing the eclipse, make sure to do so safely through a solar viewer or filter that meets the international standard ISO 12312-2. 

Ontario warns drivers to stay home during solar eclipse then quickly pulls message

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