Toronto woman alleges she was ‘grabbed’ and denied bathroom entry at restaurant

A viral video of a Toronto woman detailing her alleged experience attempting to use a washroom at a Markham restaurant is igniting polarizing discussions around fair and equal public restroom use in the city. 

The TikTok, uploaded by beauty creator @glowbymaryyy last month, has amassed over 70,000 views and hundreds of comments. 

“I’m not usually one to cry on social media, but I just had the worst restaurant experience of my life,” Maryam says in between tears. “I’m on my period, I’m literally bleeding.” 

As a result, the content creator explains that she entered the restaurant, Kyushu Yakitori Izakaya at 181 Yonge St. in Markham to use the washroom. “This guy he comes, he’s like, ‘Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me,” she says. 

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Maryam alleges that she was told she couldn’t use the bathroom because she wasn’t a guest. “He’s like ‘no you can’t use the washroom,’ and he grabs me, he literally grabs me by my hoodie,” she explains. 

“I’m like ‘you do you understand I am literally bleeding right? Like I need to use the washroom and this is the only one open right now.'” 

The content creator alleges that the man grabbed onto her hoodie for two minutes and told her to leave the restaurant. 

“Is this humanity right now? Just because I’m not buying something from you, and I’m literally a woman bleeding right now, you’re not going to let me use your washroom? [Do you] understand how messed up that is?” Maryam says as she cries. 

The video was quickly reshared across other social media platforms and resulted in heated discussions regarding public washrooms in Toronto. While many agreed that those in need should be granted access to a washroom no matter the circumstances, others defended the business for only permitting guests to use its facilities. 

“I’m so sorry, literally a basic human right, this world is twisted,” one person wrote under the TikTok. 

“I’m sorry this happened to you. But if you walk into a random sit down restaurant saying, I’m going to use your washroom and proceed to go in, it’s likely not allowed,” a contrasting comment reads.

The video prompted many Toronto residents to leave negative Google reviews under the restaurant’s page.

Staff at the restaurant have been regularly responded to the reviews, writing, “Thank you for taking the time to leave a review despite the false information. There was no assault, and we promptly contacted the police when they came to our store. We have evidence and have filed a police record. A lawyer will be in touch with you shortly.”

blogTO reached out to both Maryam and Kyushu Yakitori Izakaya for further information but did not receive a response back in time for this article’s publication. 

Toronto woman alleges she was ‘grabbed’ and denied bathroom entry at restaurant

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