Toronto museum with confusing and often misspelled name is changing it

A museum in Toronto with what could quite possibly be one of the most often misspelled names in the city is officially changing it for good.

Since 2014, the Myseum of Toronto has curated exhibits that tell the story of the city.

What started as a ‘museum without walls,’ hosting pop-up exhibits across the city went on to set up a more permanent space at 401 Richmond, and is now on to their next big change.

As of April 2, Myseum is officially changing its name, and will now be called the Museum of Toronto.

“The name change comes as part of the institution’s ongoing

commitment to accurately reflect the city of Toronto and its growing residents and further represent itself as Toronto’s city museum,” reads a statement from the museum.

Celebrating both the museum’s ten-year anniversary and its most successful year to date, the team behind the museum decided it was time to make the change, in hopes of making the institution even more accessible and better representative of Toronto’s population.

The move also comes alongside an ongoing push for the Myseum/Museum of Toronto to be recognized as the official city museum of Toronto — building legitimacy with their clearer, more impactful new name.

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A sign outside Myseum using the spelling of its former name.

“Museum of Toronto is a city museum that brings people together to connect, share and learn from each other,” says co-Founder Diane Blake. “This name change represents another step forward in building Toronto’s first city museum.”

The Museum of Toronto’s latest exhibit, Toronto Gone Wild, explores the wildlife who call Toronto’s ecosystemts home, and opens on April 10.

Toronto museum with confusing and often misspelled name is changing it

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