Canada just got a new $20 coin that costs a whole lot more than $20

Canada;s latest coin design is stunning, but it will cost you more than the spare change in your wallet.

The Royal Canadian Mint has just unveiled a new $20 fine silver coin to mark the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

The crown corporation says the collectible was made to “honour the [RCAF], a national institution dedicated to our national security, and the generations of personnel who have served it through peace and war.”

The design

The coin’s reverse was designed by Edmonton artist David Moore.

It features iconic aircraft that the Mint says represents the celebrated past — and the promising future — of the RCAF.

“David Moore chose the F-35 Lighting II, the next generation of fighter jet to enter service, as the symbol of the future RCAF,” the organization explained in a press release.

“Depicting its illustrious past are a Supermarine-designed Spitfire fighter, the Allied forces’ master of skies throughout the Second World War, as well as a Sopwith Camel, an agile combat biplane that helped Canada and its allies win the First World War and remained in active service when the RCAF was founded.”

The coin is also engraved with “SIC ITUR AD ASTRA,” the RCAF motto that stands for “such is the pathway to the stars.”

Moore rounded out the design with a maple leaf-adorned RCAF roundel and the double date “1924-2024.”

canadian coinThe obverse features the new effigy of King Charles III, which was revealed last November.

How can you collect the coin?

Unfortunately, this is not a circulation coin, so you will have to pay quite a bit to collect it.

It costs $109.95 and can be ordered on the Mint’s site starting today. If you’re an avid collector, you’d better hurry and add it to your cart, as this coin is limited to a mintage of 12,000.

Canada just got a new $20 coin that costs a whole lot more than $20

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